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I am a Web Developer/Support Engineer that specializes in front-end development and customer satisfaction, with some experience in the back-end side of programming as well. I consider myself well-versed in numerous programming languages including PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and C++. I have a strong background in project management and customer relations. My customer relations experience has been mostly the first and main point of contact throughout the whole customer relations process.

I’m not a big fan of micromanagement, in my experience it is very unsuccessful at actually motivating. People have the tendency to work less when under intense pressure and vice versa. My belief is that believing in your company and its employees is the number one way to see results and create a happy place to work. It is because of these beliefs that I feel the responsibility and want to complete tasks when they are asked of me. My main point: you won’t have to ask me to do something twice.

My goal is to be a great support system for those in need, but to also consistently expand my knowledge in WordPress, WooCommerce, and relevant programming languages. While I’m not sure if my ultimate goal will be to work as a developer, I will definitely use that as a base for what I should learn. One of my big interests is making the web accessible, so I hope to one day be able to contribute to the cause for those in need.

  • Service-focused
  • WooCommerce & Subscriptions experience
  • WordPress enthusiast
  • 13 years of Customer Service

  • Organized
  • Highly Self-Motivated
  • Experienced Communicator
  • Great Listener (according to my wife)
  • Influential
  • Free-Thinker
  • Inclusive


Support Engineer, July 2017-Present

  • Helped stores succeed with WooCommerce and Subscriptions.
  • Assisted in the transition of AutomateWoo support.
  • Developed many snippets for common problems/issues.

Web Developer, June 2016-July 2017

  • Made several sub-sites for specific events and curriculums.
  • Learned several programming languages that helped me get where I am today.

Senior Teller, May 2011-June 2016

  • Worked as an account opener/manager.
  • Assisted customers in understanding certain fees and product types.
  • Helped those in need when they were not financially sound.


Bachelors of Science in Web & Application Development, June 2020 (Expected graduation date)

  • This degree started for the first two years as Mechatronics Engineering (Mechanical/Electronics/Systems Hybrid), but was quickly switched after learning C++ for Engineers. The calling was strong.
  • Since then, I have been only able to take roughly 2 classes per semester due to other duties, but I still plan on completing this during the Winter of 2019. Graduation date will have to be pushed until June 2020 due to scheduling.

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